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Dunbar Primary Mission Statement

Dunbar Primary School – Dream, Plan, Succeed!


Dunbar Primary Belief Statements

1.      All students can be successful.

2.     We are creating lifelong college and career ready learners.

3.     Leadership and accountability are keys to our success in creating college and career ready learners.

4.     Our school is a safe and nurturing place where character counts and all children are cherished and accepted.

Vision Statement

Dunbar Primary school is a place where all students love to learn and grow together.

Dunbar Primary School Practices "PAWS-itive" Behavior Choices.


Program Goals

The Dunbar Primary School Counseling Program goals are organized in three developmental domains aligned with those of the American School Counseling Association (ASCA).

Academic Development

To assist students in developing an understanding of who they are as learners, encourage goal setting, and utilize a variety of measures to assess performance.

Career Development

To assist students in the recognition of personal interests and aptitudes to make informed future career choices.

Personal/Social Development

To assist students in developing an understanding of, and respect for, self, others, and community and lead fulfilling lives as responsible citizens.

How will these goals be attained?

The Dunbar Primary School Counseling Program will provide weekly, sometimes bi-weekly developmental guidance lessons, individual counseling, and small-group counseling sessions. In addition, collaboration between the counselor, parents, staff, and the community will frequently occur.

If you have any questions or concerns, Mrs. Simpson can be reached at 304-766-0367 or [email protected]

School Social Services

Life is full of challenges for both children and adults. How we cope with those challenges can affect the amount of physical and emotional well being we enjoy on a daily basis, both as individuals and as a family. Regardless of who we are, we all experience problems in our lives at one time or another. Even when it seems that only one person within a family is having problems, other family members often feel the effects. Sometimes children and/or parents need new skills in order to learn coping techniques or to make needed positive changes in their lives. We encourage you to call the school social worker for referral assistance.

Bullying Policy

Kanawha County Schools - Bullying, harassment and/or intimidation occurs whenever one or more persons use power torepeatedly and consistently inflict physical, verbal, or emotional abuse on one or more other persons. There must be repeated and consistent negative actions against the person, there must be a physical or psychological imbalance of power between the person who bullies and the target person, and there must be contrasting feelings between the person who bullies and the target person as a result of the bullying episode.

  1. A clear acceptable definition of bullying: Bullying is the use of power to inflict verbal, physical or emotional abuse on one or more persons.
  2. A statement of the school's position on bullying: Dunbar Primary does not allow bullying behavior(s). All school personnel will intervene in bullying and strictly enforce the school/county bullying policies.
  3. A declaration of the rights of individuals: All students have the right to receive an education in a safe, bully-free environment.
  4. A statement of the responsibilities of anyone who sees bullying behaviors: Any individual who sees bullying behaviors has the responsibility to intervene immediately. Report the incident to designated professionals (homeroom teacher(s)) and to the investigator (in the case of pattern behaviors).
  5. A general description of the steps the school will take to deal with a bullying incident.
    • Immediate intervention - teacher or staff member; counselor; other students; administrator.
    • Counselor notified. Target and bullies will be counseled in separate settings.
    • Parent(s) notified - phone call, letter, etc.
    • Referral to SAT (School Assistance Team).
    • Loss of privileges.
    • Administrative action.
  6. School investigator: Counselor.
  7. School coordinator: Principal.


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