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Mrs. Alicia Warden

Miss Alicia is a registered nurse who visits each school regularly, checks all children, and makes recommendations for corrections.
She is at Dunbar Primary on Wednesday and Thursday.

Students Sick At School

 We will call you to pick up your child at school if:
  • Their temperature is 100 degrees or more
  • They have vomited
  • They have head lice or nits
  • Their eyes are red, itching, and have drainage
  • They have a rash that may be contagious
  • They have an infected draining wound
  • Other emergencies that may come up
On your child’s emergency card, please list names of persons who can pick up your child in a reasonable amount of time if we have to call you.


Kanawha County Schools Administration of Medications policy allows students to take medications at school only if it is absolutely necessary in order for the students to attend school and learn. Please follow the regulations below when your child must take medications at school.
  1. Send the written order from the physician. The order should include dosage instructions and the time the medication must be given. Written permission from the parent must also be included.
  2. For medications that need to be given for longer than 21 days, an Administration of Medication form must be completed and signed by the physician and signed by the parent/guardian. This form may be obtained from the school.
  3. The medication must be delivered to school in the original container. Prescription medication must be labeled clearly and accurately by the pharmacist or physician.
  4. Over the Counter (nonprescription) medication must be delivered to school in the manufacturer’s container and must be clearly labeled with the student’s name.
  5. All medications must be accompanied by an order from the physician except for the Over the Counter medications listed below. These medications must be accompanied by a note from the parent or guardian that gives permission to administer these medications and they must be delivered to the school in the original container. These medications will be administered according to the manufacturer’s directions for up to three school days. After three days, an order from the physician will be required.
    1. Ibuprofen medications such as Advil and Motrin
    2. Acetaminophen medications such as Tylol
    3. Calamine lotion
    4. Simple cough drops that contain only menthol or pectin
*This policy is in place for the safety and protection of your child. Thank you for your cooperation.